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Improving our business

As Australia's largest ports and supply chain operator, the way we manage our business, our people and our services is critical to delivering success for ourselves and for our customers.

Safety, efficiency, sustainability and excellence

  • We have safe workplaces. We care for our people. Customers can trust in the safe delivery of their goods.
  • We run efficient businesses.
  • We make sustainable business and environmental decisions. We care about the long view.
  • We are standard bearers. We seek excellence.

Safety of our people undefined

We are proud to lead the industry in our 'no badges, no borders' approach to safety and security by adopting an all-encompassing view to increasing awareness and preventing incidents.

We want to protect the safety and security of everyone directly or indirectly associated with our company. We are committed to sharing our intelligence on all safety and security matters with our supply chain partners and competitors alike.

We take positive action. We are the only stevedore in Australia to have certification in safety, security and environmental management systems.

To improve workplace safety we have created new rituals, including opening each meeting with a 'Safety Share'. We discuss safety incidents and safety interactions, and acknowledge individual contributions to improving safety. Our safety rituals are an important part of our journey towards zero injuries in the workplace. 

Your cargo is safe with us

We have a robust security system and we constantly monitor access to our terminals. We work closely with the regulatory authorities to ensure the security of our premises and the integrity of our customers’ cargo.

We are the only stevedore in Australia that has achieved an ISO 28000 security rating.

The ISO 28000 system is an auditable system that demonstrates our processes are effective in addressing those aspects critical to the security assurance of the supply chain such as access control, security cameras, training and appropriate response to breaches.

Operating sustainably


At DP World Australia we aspire to make our operations more sustainable. We adopt strategies and activities that reduce our carbon footprint by pursuing opportunities to increase energy efficiency in our operations. We actively participate in initiatives to reduce our waste and water consumption. We are passionate about preventing pollution and protecting the environment.

We are ISO 14001 environmental management systems accredited demonstrating our processes are effective in minimising our environmental impacts and incidents.

undefinedSustainability reporting

DP World Australia complies with environmental regulations under federal and state legislation for all our operations. We participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project by providing transparent emissions reporting from our supply chain.

Our sustainability report