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Setting a high benchmark

DP World Australia is committed to ensuring that all company business is conducted according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards while providing the best stevedoring services, cargo logistics, and supply chain solutions. Our company is governed by a Board of Directors.

We comply with statutory obligations and our people are bound by workplace policies, which ensures a safe, ethical and respectful working environment.

Our Executive Directors

Non-executive Directors

  • John Fletcher — Chairman, DP World Australia
  • Robert Barnes — (Alternate Director) Consultant , Corsair Capital
  • Jean Daigneault — Managing Director, Infrastructure Investments of Public Sector Pension Investment Board
  • Mark Lorkin — Managing Director, Corsair Capital
  • Rashid Abdulla — Senior Vice President & Managing Director, DP World Asia Pacific  
  • Cynthia Praschnik — Principal, Corsair Capital
  • Anil Mohta — Vice President, Corporate Finance, DP World Asia Pacific
  • Jessica Blomfield — General Counsel & Company Secretary, DP World Australia
  • Hari Rajan — Managing Director, Corsair Capital

Our global identity

DP World Australia is part of the DP World global group of companies, operating a network of more than 65 marine terminals across six continents. 

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