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Chain of Responsibility and SOLAS Policy

Chain of Responsibility laws and regulations (CoR Laws) are in force in each of the Australian states in which DP World Australia Ltd and its wholly-owned subsidiaries operate. The CoR Laws, which are based on part of the model Heavy Vehicle National Law, set out the legal requirements for anyone who has influence over heavy vehicles (gross vehicle mass in excess of 4.5t) in the road transport supply chain.

Certain CoR Parties, such as Shippers and Loading Managers, and the Shipping Lines (together, SOLAS Parties), also have responsibilities to ensure the safety of lives at sea including, for example, pursuant to laws or regulations implementing the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS Laws)

DP World Australia takes its responsibilities under CoR Laws and SOLAS seriously, and expects those with whom it does business to do the same. The DP World Australia Chain of Responsibility and SOLAS Policy provides an overview of DPWA’s obligations under the CoR Laws and the SOLAS Laws, and assist all parties in the supply chain with whom DPWA does business in understanding their respective obligations.

Read the DP World Australia Chain of Responsibility and SOLAS Policy.