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Our purpose: create a clear path

We create a clear path for communication and growth. We create clear supply chain solutions for our partners. We create a clear path for understanding and delivering what our partners need. We know we've succeeded when our partners succeed.

Our first priority is to create a clear path to the safest workplace possible.

We aim to create a clear path at every level of our business and for all our stakeholders including: 

  • our people, so they enjoy coming to work and feel part of the DP World Australia family
  • our customers, to develop a collaborative partnership and legendary customer experience
  • our shareholders, who trust us to deliver a strong return on their investment
  • our community, to make it sustainable for the generations to come.

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Our vision: care more

Our vision is to to be the ports and supply chain operator of choice, by caring more - for our customers, our people, for safety and for investors.

Our values

There are four values at the heart of what we do, of our culture and of our business: 


We respect and care for each other and our wellbeing, we show consideration for each other, we recognise differences, we help people succeed and we value each other's opinion and feedback. 


We take pride in who we are and what we do, and we do what is right, always. We are accountable and we do our work with pride and passion. We contribute to our colleagues’ pride.


We challenge, innovate and dare to be great. We believe that we are not entitled to anything. We are open to change and we have the courage to take new paths.


We acknowledge our people for live our values and strive for excellence to make a positive difference. We acknowledge other people's time, effort, energy and passion. We thank people when they take the opportunity to help us grow. Gratitude is our attitude.