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What's our goal regarding safety?

Our goal is to implement positive change that strengthens our existing commitment: safety first at all times. At DP World Australia, we prioritise safety. We follow safety operations at all our terminals to enhance transport services, container terminal operations, and cargo logistics; making us Australia's leading stevedoring services.

What are we doing?

We are making safety a regular part of communication in the workplace and in our communities. We are creating a conversational culture that enables us to identify and manage risks and hazards as and when they occur. We have the courage to tackle safety issues head on. We raise and fix issues appropriately and respect one another’s safety concerns. 

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How will we know when we've achieved our goal?

We take pride in the safety of our workplace and actively work to maintain and improve it. There is a clear, direct path for people to report and resolve safety issues. We will reduce injuries and eliminate the risk of fatalities.


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