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DP World Australia is disappointed but not surprised by today’s comments from the CFMMEU (Thursday 15 September), following the stalling of EA negotiations.

“Let’s be clear. DP World Australia representatives left today’s meeting when it became obvious that the CFMMEU was using a safety issue at one of our terminals as a stunt, as part of its industrial agenda,” a spokesperson for DP World Australia said.

“This was on top of unprofessional and unacceptable behaviour by a CFMMEU representative in yesterday’s meeting.

“Both tactics are relics of out-dated industrial practices.

“At DP World Australia, there is no higher priority than employee safety. We want every worker to go home safely at the end of every shift.

“The CFMMEU has consistently and constantly blocked our efforts to raise safety and professional standards on the waterfront by defending the unsafe actions of a small number of employees.

“But today’s comments by the CFMMEU are not really about safety. The CFMMEU only cares about safety when it coincides with their industrial agenda, and their agenda at the moment is to try to pressure the company in the midst of EA negotiations.”

DP World Australia has said from the outset that employees may receive additional benefits as an outcome of the EA negotiations and that such benefits would need to be met by changes to flexibility and availability, so that operating costs remain stable, the company remains financially viable, our customers’ needs are met and job security is supported.

The CFMMEU understands that all benefits must be funded.

“To be very clear, our agenda is to negotiate a win/win outcome. The ambit and unrealistic nature of the CFMMEU log of claims suggests the union has no such ambition,” the DP World Australia spokesperson said.

“We reject the CFMMEU claim that we have an agenda to attack employee conditions. The union understands that new, ambitious conditions can only be provided by giving up some existing conditions. The CFMMEU understands that an EA negotiation is a conversation, and a process of reaching an agreed collective outcome.”

DP World Australia has always been and remains committed to good faith negotiations, and hopes to be able to resume talks. We remain committed to working to meet our employees’ needs and ensure a fair and reasonable agreement is achieved for all parties.

DP World Australia and the CFMMEU are negotiating a new national EA to cover around 1,800 employees at the company’s four terminals around Australia. The current national EA runs until February 2019.