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Our Melbourne terminal is lending a helping hand to a unique recycling initiative.


The “helping hands” initiative uses waste plastic from bottle caps to produce prosthetic limbs for needy children in underprivileged and war torn countries.

It aims to create 100 prosthetic hands and arms with 3D printers which will be donated free of charge to children who are missing limbs.

The project has been inspired by the Enabling the Future organisation which has found bottle caps are almost entirely made from HDPE 2 (High Density Poly-Ethylene) which can be moulded to create functioning filament for 3D printers.

Since the initiative was launched in April last year, the team in Melbourne has collected and provided some 4000 bottle caps which usually end up in landfill. Health and Safety Representative Clerk, Steve Camilleri said:

“It’s such a simple and easy thing to recycle and it’s for a great cause to help kids. It’s great to see that a small thing we can all do can have a big impact on people less fortunate.”