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Agile, considered, safe and responsive: our approach to COVID-19

A message from DP World Australia's CEO and MD, 20 March 2020

With the increasing threat of COVID-19, the DP World Australia team continues to act fast and resolutely to secure our services to industry, maintain operations and protect our people and others.

We take our responsibilities as an employer to our people, a business partner to our customers, and a provider of a critical service for Australia very seriously. We will continue to offer our services in line with trusted advice from government and health authorities to enable trade flow within a safe working environment.

We have established a dedicated team to monitor, implement, and communicate preventative control and response measures to address these new challenges.

In uncharted territory such as this, no single team or organisation has all the answers. We will continue to draw on the experiences and recommendations of our global DP World team, our peers locally, the Australian Government, and global health experts. Our response will continue to evolve.

Preventative measures
One of our greatest defences against COVID-19 is minimising our employees’ personal interactions. Personal hygiene, social distancing and isolation protocols are in force. We have actioned a broad range of initiatives to support these. Additional personal protective equipment is available and our cleaning regime has increased. Importantly, we have robust quarantine measures when working with international vessels.

Response to potential infection
As well as preventative measures, we have introduced processes to help identify and report symptoms or illness. We are not allowing our people to report to work if they are unwell. In the event symptoms develop at work, our team will enact protocols consistent with expert recommendations.

Safe together
And lastly, a message of solidarity. The implications of ongoing spread of COVID-19 are concerning, and unpredictable.

However, I maintain that DP World Australia is a robust organisation, ready to adapt and evolve.

We must work together to stay vigilant and protect ourselves and one another.

Best wishes and stay safe together,  

Glen Hilton