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1 March 2017

A giraffe on the move

DP World Australia’s Sydney terminal had the unusual task of unloading some special cargo.

Mtundu, a 15 month old giraffe was unloaded from the Hamburg Sud vessel Hammonia Galicia, on his way to his new home at Mogo Zoo in NSW.

The project to move Mtundu was a carefully orchestrated exercise requiring the cooperation of many parties.

Having travelled from Auckland Zoo in a specially built enclosure, the giraffe was lifted off the vessel at DP World Australia’s Sydney terminal onto a low loader truck which was waiting on the wharf.

The truck exited the port in the early hours of Saturday morning before hitting the highway, safely delivering Mtundu to his new home at Mogo Zoo on the south coast of NSW.

The 500 kilogram giraffe was joined on his journey by a support crew including specialist animal handlers and veterinarian staff.

Thank you to our crew who worked professionally to unload this unusual cargo.

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